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 Free Story-Based ESL Grammar Practice with Listening

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Welcome to English Zoom!!, a place for you to practice your grammar and your listening comprehension at the same time!  It's also a place to read and listen to a great story -- a political scandal involving mixed identities, high finance, and wolves!  

Years ago, a little girl was saved by a wolf after a terrible accident.  Listen to the story to get all the details!

This little girl was saved by a wolf!  Go to The Story Page to get all the details!

The grammar/listening activities at English Zoom!! are all related to this story, so if you listen to the story first, the grammar exercises will make more sense to you. 

To get started, go to The Story Page  and read along as I read the story to you.  Or, if you prefer to check out the grammar/listening activities first, you can go to the Grammar Practice Main Page and learn the story later!  Either way is fine!  


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