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Assign English Zoom!!! activities to your students

English Zoom!!! offers free content-based grammar and listening practice. For best results, have your students listen to the story first.  You may even want to give them a little quiz on it to motivate them to listen.  (An easy quiz is best; what they don't understand from the first listening, they'll get later as they do the practice activities.)  Then, decide which English Zoom!!! activities you want your students to do. You may want to email them the URLs.

When you present new grammatical structures in class, you may want to base your examples on the story. Because the context is known to everyone, the examples can be interesting and meaningful. 

When you test grammar, you may want to base some of your questions on the story.  The use of the story's context will make your test items more meaningful.

Your students can email you from each English Zoom!!! activity they do!

At the bottom of each English Zoom!!! activity you'll see the email form below:

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When you fill out this form, I'll get an email.  I'd love to hear from you. All fields are optional!  -- Tom

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Send email to a friend or your teacher.  Note: When you click "SEND" you'll be returned to EnglishZoom's home page.

Type In Your Name:

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Receive copy: 

Have each student email you. You may want to instruct them to include the following information in each email:

(Try the email form out yourself. Recommend English Zoom!!! to a teacher friend!)

Note: Be sure your students know your email address!

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