Verb Form Fill-In

Sink to Write 3

(and some regular verbs, too, perhaps)

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Listen! Directions  Read each item and choose the best verb to use throughout the entire item. Click in the first box, and type the correct form.   Use the TAB key to go to the next box. If your answer is not correct, you see equal signs. For example, = = means the correct answer has two letters. = = = means the correct answer has three letters.  To see all the answers, click "Correct Answers".  To clear the answers, click "Clear All".  To see a list of verbs used in this kind of English Zoom!!! activity, click "See Verb List".


(understand / upset) 

Teacher:  Today, I'd like to explain something to you which is  by very few people.

Student:  Then how on earth can we it?

Teacher:  I'm sure you can get it.  I  easily the first time it was explained to me.


Listen! (taken / swung)

This item is based on the English Zoom! story "The Big River Mix-Up", which you can read and listen to here.

"Swing voters" are voters who may vote for one candidate or for another.  It was these "swing voters" that Justin was trying to influence when he played his dirty trick on Patty.  He hoped to    public opinion against Patty.  And in fact, he succeeded.  He their opinions from 65% for Patty to 65% against her.  Since the photo was published, however, many of those voters have   back and are likely to vote for Patty today.   Get the whole story!



(thinks / tells)

Ellen:  Todd!  What are you doing here! 

Todd:  What do you mean? 

Ellen:  I you were in New York! 

Todd:  What made you that?

Ellen:  Didn't you get a job there?

Todd:  Yes, but my dad tells me he I can get a better one here in Toledo, so I'm still here.


(tear / teach)

Student A:  That's Dr. Wilkins. She  biology at UT. Her students really like her.

Student B:  How long has she   there?

Student A:  I think she's been   for about six years.



(torn / taken)

A:  What a beautiful painting! 

B:  It is beautiful, isn't it.  And you know, it    Jerry only six hours to paint it.  

A:  Six hours!   It would me six centuries!

A:  Well, I can paint pretty well, but everything I do me a long time, too.


(swim / swept)

A:  Michelle for six hours yesterday at the pool.

B:  She's an amazing athlete.  I hear she   at least three hours every day.

A:  She does.  But she's been   more recently to get into shape for her next big competition.


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