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(and some other verbs, too, perhaps)

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Directions  Read each item and choose the best verb to use throughout the entire item. Click in the first box, and type the correct form.   Use the TAB key to go to the next box. If your answer is not correct, you see equal signs. For example, = = means the correct answer has two letters. = = = means the correct answer has three letters.  To see all the answers, click "Correct Answers".  To clear the answers, click "Clear All".  To see a list of verbs used in this kind of English Zoom!!! activity, click "See Verb List".


(sticking / stinging) 

A:  When I was cooking my eggs yesterday, they all  to the frying pan!

B:  If you put a little oil in the pan, they won't .

C:  I don't think it'll work.  I've always put oil on the pan, and my eggs have always .



Listen! (strove / sweep)

This item is based on the English Zoom! story "The Big River Mix-Up", which you can read and listen to here.

Patty wants to be a conscientious public servant.  She always    to do the right thing.  In fact, all her life, she has to behave in an honorable way.  By   to do the right thing, she feels she can set a good example for young people.

Get the whole story!

Patty shakes hands with lots of people as part of her job.


(stink / strike)

Student A:  Phew!   What ?!!??!

Student B:  My socks.

Student A:  Why don't you wash them?  I'm tired of your stuff always up the place!

Student B:  You should talk!  Last week, your cooking really up the apartment.  My socks aren't so bad!


The Titanic, 1912

(stringing / sinking)

The Titanic was a great passenger ship that  on its first trip across the Atlantic in 1912.  Everyone was shocked because no one thought that the Titanic could ever   . 

What happened?  It hit an iceberg, but not head on.  The iceberg tore a hole in the great ship's side.  Ironically, if it had struck the iceberg head on, it most likely would not have  .



(strung / taken)

A:  You're late.  What   you so long?  

B:  Sorry.  I was my little brother to the mall.

A:  Too much of your time is up by your little brother.


(swim / strike)

A:  The workers at ABC Company are planning to again.

B:  What do they want?

A:  Better wages and benefits.  I think they'll get them, too.  A few years ago, they  , and they got a 5% raise over three years.

A:  Hmmm...  I wonder if students could get better conditions by doing that...

B:  Dream on!  Students have  in many places, but they rarely get results.

A:  What about France in 1968?

B:  What about it?


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