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Phrasal Verbs Starting with T

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Some items in this exercise are based on the story

The Big River Mix-Up

When Justin was just ten, his uncle, a big business tycoon, took his nephew to Wall Street, and Justin fell in love with everything he saw.

In fact, Justin takes after his uncle. Like his uncle, Justin's career took off soon after he finished school. Like his uncle, Justin's work helped a company in trouble turn their situation around and start making money. And like his uncle, Justin doesn't care at all whom he ticks off. He doesn't even care whom he destroys, as long as his company makes money, and a lot of it.

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Note Listen

Most of the audio on English Zoom!!! is in relaxed American English.  Compare relaxed and careful speech:

Careful speech:  She is going to get her shoes out of the closet and put them on.

Relaxed speech:  She's gonna get 'er shoes out o' the closet an' put 'em on.

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Directions Listen

Listen to the audio.  Then choose the best answer for each question. Click CHECK. If your answer is wrong, try again. For examples of phrasal verbs, check out Dennis Oliver's Phrasal Verb Page at Dave's ESL Cafe.

1. Listen

Before Justin bought his new suit, he ___.

tried it out

tried out it

tried it off

tried it on

2. Listen If you don't want your old clothes, don't ___. Give them to somebody who needs them.

throw it off

throw them out

throw it up

throw it out

3. Listen Before buying a new computer, it's a good idea to ___.

try it out

try them on

try out it

try it up

4. Listen Justin is just like his uncle. Justin ___.

takes him after

takes him out

takes after him

takes him over

5. Listen The plane rolled down the runway and ___ for Chicago.

took after

took over

took up

took off

6. Listen My friend really ___ when he took my cell phone without telling me. I was mad.

ticked me up

ticked me over

ticked me off

ticked over me

7. Listen If Justin met Patty, he'd really ___ because he's interested in nothing but making money. Patty just isn't interested in that.

turn her down

turn her off

turn her off

turn her up

8. Listen I'm tired. I think I'll ___.

turn in

turn off

turn up

turn around

9. Listen High finance ___. He gets very excited when he talks about it.

turns Justin out

turns Justin around

turns Justin off

turns Justin on

10. Listen Your music is too loud. Can you ___ please?

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turn down it

turn up it

turn it down

turn it up

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