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Let to Sing 3

(and some regular verbs, too, perhaps)

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Listen! Directions  Read each item and choose the best verb to use throughout the entire item. Click in the first box, and type the correct form.   Use the TAB key to go to the next box. If your answer is not correct, you see equal signs. For example, = = means the correct answer has two letters. = = = means the correct answer has three letters.  To see all the answers, click "Correct Answers".  To clear the answers, click "Clear All".  To see a list of verbs used in this kind of English Zoom!!! activity, click "See Verb List".


(letting / make) 

A:  When you were little, did your parents  stay up late?

B:  No.  But I'm the oldest, so they were strict with me.  Now my dad my little brother stay up as late as he wants.

B:  When I was a kid, my parents never  me do anything at all. They were terrible.



Listen! (make / run)

This item is based on the English Zoom! story "The Big River Mix-Up", which you can read and listen to here.

Patty has little experience   anything at all, so that's a disadvantage in her campaign to become governor of Montana. 

What has she ever  ?  Well, for a couple of years when she was younger, she   a "Save the Forest" campaign.  At least it was successful!  That should count for something. 

Get the whole story!

Next year:

Will Patty be running the state government after the election? Or living in a tent?  Only time will tell.

Will Patty be managing the state government after the election? Or living in a tent?  Only time will tell.



(shoot / see)

A:  Oh no!  Someone has the President!

B:  Oh no! 

A:  The report on the BBC website says he'll be okay.  No more details, though.

B:  Did they anyone else?

A:  No, but that's enough.   There's just too much going on these days.


(ring / sing)

The telephone hasn't  for hours.  I'm going to turn on my favorite TV show now.  The phone will probably   right at the most important part.  That always happens.  Last night, it   right when the cops were going to catch the bad guy. 



(rising / seeking)

Professor:  People always     happiness.  

Student:  People I know have always it.

Professor:  But some people confuse happiness with power.  Hitler, for example, to control Europe, and probably the world.  But nothing he did brought any happiness to anyone.


(shining /shedding)

A:  The stars beautifully out in the country last night.

B:  But they don't   much in the city.  There's too much light.  You can't see them.

A:  Well, at least the sun   most days.  You can see that in the city.


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