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Let to Sing 1

(and some regular verbs, too, perhaps)

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Listen! Directions  Read each item and choose the best verb to use throughout the entire item. Click in the first box, and type the correct form.   Use the TAB key to go to the next box. If your answer is not correct, you see equal signs. For example, = = means the correct answer has two letters. = = = means the correct answer has three letters.  To see all the answers, click "Correct Answers".  To clear the answers, click "Clear All".  To see a list of verbs used in this kind of English Zoom!!! activity, click "See Verb List".


(sell / shutting)   

A:  Who  you that car?

B:  John did.  He's been cars for years.

B:  Well, he's  you a real lemon this time.  (Note:  "Lemon" is slang for a bad car.)



Listen! (shook / sell)

This item is based on the English Zoom! story "The Big River Mix-Up", which you can read and listen to here.

As a politician, Patty   hands with thousands of people.  Last week, she  hands with 12,989 people and kissed 17 babies.  By the end of election day, today, she will have   hands with 153,981 people.  And who knows how many babies she will have kissed.  It's all in a day's work for politicians!

Get the whole story!

Patty shakes hands with lots of people as part of her job.


(read / paid)

Student A:  Can you the blackboard from here?

Student B:  No, but I sit next to Josh, and he it for me.

Student A:  Hmmm... I wonder if he'd mind it for me, too.


(shut / sends)

Student A:  Have you  in your application to that other university yet?

Student B:  Yes, I have.  I    it in yesterday. 

Student A:  I'm   mine in tomorrow.



(ride / ring)

A:  Have you ever     a horse?  

B:  No, I haven't, but I've a camel.

A:  Really?  Where?

B:  I one when I was visiting Egypt last year.


(see / ring)

A:  Have you ever a cat catch a mouse?

B:  Many times.  In fact, yesterday, I   my cat catch a mouse and eat it whole.

A:  Yuck!  I don't like   horrible things like that!


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