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Some items in this activity are based on the story

The Big River Mix-Up

Most people would be ashamed to admit tricking voters in an election.  Justin, however, is proud of his dirty little trick.  Nevertheless, he avoids telling even his fellow senior managers at his company exactly what he's done.

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Most of the audio on English Zoom!!! is in relaxed American English.  Compare relaxed and careful speech:

Careful speech:  She is going to get her shoes out of the closet and put them on.

Relaxed speech:  She's gonna get 'er shoes out o' the closet an' put 'em on.

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Click on a word, either across or down, that you want to solve.  The clue for that word will appear to the right of the puzzle.  Type the letters of your answer and hit ENTER.  Some answers include more than one word, with no spaces between them.  For example, "crossword puzzle" would be "crosswordpuzzle".  In the clues for those answers, you get two kinds of help.  First, you see the first letter of each word.  Second, you can listen to the whole clue by clicking the correct audio link.  If a word is really too hard for you to get, you can click "cheat" to get the answer.  You can check your answers at any time by clicking "check puzzle" in the lower left hand corner of the puzzle. 

Audio Clue 1 Audio Clue 2 Audio Clue 3
Audio Clue 4 Audio Clue 5 Audio Clue 6

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