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Some items in this game are related to the story

The Big River Mix-Up

The United Energy Company, where Justin works, would like to build a dam on the Big River in Montana.  Environmentalists in Montana are trying to prevent this huge construction project.  No one knows if the dam will be built or not.

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Note Listen

Most of the audio on English Zoom!!! is in relaxed American English.  Compare relaxed and careful speech:

Careful speech:  She is going to get her shoes out of the closet and put them on.

Relaxed speech:  She's gonna get 'er shoes out o' the closet an' put 'em on.

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JavaScript powering this activity is adapted from Dennie Hoppingarner's work at The Game-O-Matic.

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Click on any "Flip" button.  Then, click to find words with the same meaning. Read and listen to the clues to help you. Note: Don't click too fast! You might confuse the computer.  When you finish, please email me at English Zoom!!! and let me know what you thought of the game.  Or email a friend or a teacher from this website. 

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