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(and some regular verbs, too, perhaps)

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Listen! Directions  Read each item and choose the best verb to use throughout the entire item. Click in the first box, and type the correct form.   Use the TAB key to go to the next box. If your answer is not correct, you see equal signs. For example, = = means the correct answer has two letters. = = = means the correct answer has three letters.  To see all the answers, click "Correct Answers".  To clear the answers, click "Clear All".  To see a list of verbs used in this kind of English Zoom!!! activity, click "See Verb List".


(begun / became)   

The class usually  at 8:00 a.m.  Yesterday, however, it     at 8:15.  The class has never   after 8:20 a.m.


Listen! (beginning / become)

This item is based on the English Zoom! story "The Big River Mix-Up", which you can read and listen to here.

Maybe you can't tell from the picture on the right, but Justin was very pleased with the picture of Betty in the paper.  His devious plan had worked perfectly!  Patty, on the other hand,   very angry when she saw it.  Before her campaign for governor, she was a very calm person, angry only on rare occasions.  However, with the pressures of running for governor, she has   angry several times in the past few months.

Get the whole story!

Justin was pleased when he saw the picture of Betty, who looked just like Patty!


(bent / bit)

Woman:  Does your dog

Man:  Yes, sometimes.  But he has never a woman.  He  only men.  I don't know why he doesn't like them.


(blown / brought)

Josh:  The wind is really  hard! 

Samanta: I know!  I don't think it has ever    this hard before. 

Josh:  Sure it has!  Last March, it   so hard that it knocked over a tree in my neighbor's yard.



(caught / bring)

Sister:  Did you    that cold that was going around last week?

Brother:  No, I didn't. 

Sister:  I'm not surprised. You've never   a cold in you life.

Brother:  I have too!  In fact, I a bad cold just last month.


(built / broken)

A:  Mr. Smith has another new house!

B:  Wow!  I think he   one every year!

A:  Not every year.  Two years ago, he didn't    one.


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