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Some items in this activity are based on the story

The Big River Mix-Up

The woman who impersonated Patty may end up in jail. On the other hand, she may end up spending a lot of money in Hawaii!

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Note Listen

Most of the audio on English Zoom!!! is in relaxed American English.  Compare relaxed and careful speech:

Careful speech:  She is going to get her shoes out of the closet and put them on.

Relaxed speech:  She's gonna get 'er shoes out o' the closet an' put 'em on.

Phrasal Verbs  Dennis Oliver's Phrasal Verb Page at Dave's ESL Cafe. 

Dictionaries Longman    Encarta  Newbury

JavaScript powering this activity is adapted from Dennie Hoppingarner's work at The Game-O-Matic.

Directions Listen

Listen to the audio.  Then, click the  the words in the order you hear.  Click CHECK.  If your sentence is not correct, click CLEAR and try again. If you need a hint, click HELP.  Often, you can answer in more than one way. You may want to try different word orders.  You may not need all the words.

Listen to Items 1 to 5 Listen to Items 6 to 10

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Do you trust people whose bosses are dishonest?

Yes, I do. Just because your boss is dishonest, that doesn't make you dishonest, too.

No, I don't. Anyone who would work for a dishonest boss must be dishonest, too.

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