Bedding the Front of the Action

Now that the pillar has absolutely fixed the location of the rear tang, bedding can be completed. In the case of the Turk, the front "ring" and the chamber swell of the barrel are bedded in epoxy, along with the top and front of the recoil crossbolt. At the same time, the rear pillar can be completed.

First, the lower plate/magazine well is COMPLETELY covered with release agent.

Then, the recess in the receiver is filled with clay and wiped smooth (all the way round), and the front, sides and bottom of the recoil lug are covered with one layer of masking tape. All pits and depressions (rust, numbers and letters) are filled and wiped smooth with clay. Then the entire action and barrel, up to and including the front sight are coated with release agent. Be very liberal with agent, if trouble develops, epoxy will run to places you never imagined. Make sure that all threads are coated, male and female.

Grasp the trigger guard firmly in the vise, positioning it so that both screws can be installed (from below), and place the stock upon the guard.

Rough up the stock as shown, I used a 1/8-drill bit to make very shallow holes. Clean and rough up the top and front of the crossbolt. Make four clay dams, one where the cleaning rod nut is recessed into the stock, one atop the front action screw, and one at each end of the area to be bedded.

Clean out the clay dam remains at the top of the rear pillar, and fill the void with epoxy. Do not get the epoxy on top of the pillar.

With your toothpick tool, drip and stick epoxy into all of the little holes, start at the top, at will run to the bottom. Wet the entire surface with epoxy especially the top and front of the crossbolt

Place the barrel/action into the stock and start both screws. Tighten the rear screw firmly, and tighten the front snug and then back it off 1/4 turn. The dams should squeeze out and the action should draw into place. Now, drip small drops of epoxy onto the side of the action/barrel above any openings in the area to be bedded. The epoxy should run down the metal and disappear into the stock.

Wait about an hour and scrape any epoxy above the wood and on the metal away. Use a piece of wood or plastic for this. Also loose and tighten the screws, being careful not to over-tighten the front screws. This loose/tighten is to make sure that epoxy has not set-up in the threads.

After the epoxy has set-up, about 24 hours, remove the screws and lift the stock from the floorplate. Try to remove the barrel/action from the stock. It may be necessary to turn the stock over a strike the recoil lug thru the hole in the stock. Be careful not to damage the threads or to break the stock.

This is the completed job.