Mauser Magazine Ideas

The five round internal Mauser magazine has stood the test of time, at least from the military point of view. The original intent was for the rifleman to place the safety "ON", in the middle position, and empty the magazine by gymnasticating the action. (How about that word ?? Most of us would just refer to it as "working the bolt".) Sometimes that is not feasible, say you have a casing stuck in the chamber, a defective safety, or a 10 year old hunting for the first time. Some people would say that no live round should be chambered unless it is intended to be fired.

So, what are the options?

I bought a "GIBBS RIFLE" detachable Mauser magazine in 22-250 size, hoping to solve feeding problems with these short cartridges. The Gibbs has a transverse plate in the rear to space the cartridges forward.

Here is a top view of the Gibbs, notice the spacer plate near my finger.

The magazine seems overly hard to install and remove.

The magazine is held at the front and rear, as is the Mauser Floorplate, by the two forward (rightward in the pic) facing hooks shown above. These are moved to the rear by two knurled knobs, one is seen above, for removal.

The Gibbs unit is sheet metal and white metal fabricated. It cannot be blued.

Note the sheet steel follower.

If a method is desired to empty the magazine, a better option, in my opinion, is to fit the existing Mauser floorplate with a button to allow easy removal.


The action above is fitted with the Gibbs Mag, while the lower action has a release button.


The button is installed in the existing floorplate hole and a cross pin secures the button. The floorplate needs notched as shown above. The notch can be cut with a hand hacksaw with two blades (to get the proper thickness or width) or cut with an abrasive wheel and Dremel style tool. NO other modifications are required. If the button is later removed and the plate is installed, no evidence of the modification is visible. While the button is "flopping around" in the pic above, it is nice and snug when the floorplate is installed.