Bolt Jeweling - Part 2

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Okay, you will also need 6 drywall screws, about 2 inches long and one 1-1/2 inch wire brad, also red and black magic markers, and red and black ball point pens.

The two bolts need some preparation so let's go.

Take one of the 1/2-inch bolts and drill the end to receive the wire brad. Select a brad that just fits into the firing pin hole at the end of the rifle bolt, and select the drill that just allows the brad to fit into the drilled hole. Make the hole about 1/2-inch deep. Cut the head off the brad.

The bolt, brad and rifle bolt go together as shown.

Drill a 1/8 hole through the other bolt 3/8-inch from the end and clean the threads so a nut threads on easily. With a magic marker, paint the points of the head red, six places and paint the flats black, six more places. I am serious, this will make everything much easier J .

Pass the bolt with the painted head through the hole in one of the 5" pieces of wood, drop a washer onto the bolt, thread on a nut, and press in the roll pin with your roll pin installation tool (slip joint pliers). Let about 1/4-inch of pin stick out.

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