Firing Pin Fixture for Mauser Bolts

If your work space is like mine, you won't have room for a Mauser stock, complete with security hole, to use as a firing pin removal tool. In place of this convenient hole, many times the tip of the pin is placed directly onto the bench top, not a good thing.

By now, you must have noted my preference for plumbing objects, and this is another example.

This simple and cheap fixture will accept the firing pin tip and allow you to compress the spring, while supporting the pin at the safety flange and at the same time refrain from slipping across the table and into your glass of milk.

Above is a layout of enough parts to build two fixtures. The round gizmos at the bottom are "floor flanges" the one on the left has a 3/8 inch pipe thread while the one on the right has a 1/2 inch thread. The two items above the flanges are "reducing bushings", to the left a "3/8 x 1/4" (say 3/8 by 1/4) and on the right a 1/2 x 1/8. Above the bushings, on the left is a 1/4 inch hose x 1/4 inch pipe male adapter and on the right a 1/8 nipple maybe 2 inches long. The flanges are "black iron" or "black malleable", about $1.50 each. The bushings can be steel or brass, and the adaptor and nipple should be brass.

This shows the fixtures assembled, with the firing pin installed. If you don't screw things up to tightly, they can be disassembled so as to take up less space.

The end of the fixture can be notched, with a file or hacksaw.

You get the idea.