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Video Log Assignment

Each week, watch two video clips from The NewsHour on Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and fill out a Video Log on each.

Follow these steps:

1.†††††† Download the ††Templateso that you can use it again and again.

2.††††† Go to The Public Broadcasting System NewsHour video archives at

3.††††† Choose a category.(Note:During the term, you may not do more than two clips from the same category.)

4.††††† Choose a clip. (Note: Any clip you watch on this website is acceptable.However, you may want to avoid interviews and watch a report, which will have more interesting video. Avoid descriptions like "Two experts discuss..." )

5.††††† Watch the video.You may want to read the transcript in the pull-down menu.

6.††††† Email me the link to the clip using "E-mail this!" on the page.

In the Your Name box, write your full name and the number of the log.For example:

John Smith #2

††††††††††† You donít need to send a message.

7.††††† Fill out a video log form by completing the template with Microsoft Word.Use the Longman Dictionary to get definitions.††

8.††††† Put the completed form in your special notebook.

9.††††† Add the log to your table of contents.

10.††† Hand in your video log notebook on the assigned day.